Engineering structures reflect the image of Engineers and Architects of the period they are constructed. Nepal lacks infrastructures in several sectors like Transportation, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Urban Environment, Energy Sectors, Telecommunication, Industrial Infrastructures, Recreation Facilities etc. April 25th, 2015 Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake caused a lot of damage in the infrastructures which were built without considering the effect of earthquake during design and construction. We need immediate action on reconstruction with the concept of Build-Back-Better.

Though Asha Consulting Group(ACG) is a relatively new company, its engineers and architects have long experience in design of infrastructures against extreme events like earthquake, wind etc. Our expertise is on the design of High-rise structures, Industrial structures like petrochemical facilities, Processing plants, Cement plants, Chimneys, Silos, Liquid storage tanks, both Residential and office Buildings, Roads, Bridges and underground structures like Tunnels. Now, we have been involved in the reconstruction effort in 2015 Gorkha Earthquake affected districts. Our involvement there is on design and construction supervision of buildings and schools.

We have the capability of carrying out numerical computations using latest Computer Tools. We have an experienced team who can conduct the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the building and building like structures including foundation; Non-building structures like storage tank both steel and concrete (Reinforced Concrete as well as pre-stressed concrete), Silos, underground structures like tunnel lining etc. We can carry out analysis like Pushover analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Nonlinear-Time History Analysis, Seismic Ground Response Analysis, which have been the design requirement of today’s Design Codes of different countries for new design as well as existing structures’ condition evaluation and retrofitting. We use the computer Tools: STAAD Pro, MIDAS IT Software Series (MIDAS GEN, MIDAS CIVIL, MIDAS FEA, MIDAS GTS, MIDAS Soilworks, MIDAS Design Plus), SAP2000, ETABS, SHAKE, Q-SHAKE, ANSYS and DIANA for the analysis and design purpose. Our team has long experience of designing the structures using Nepalese Design Codes like NBC, Nepal Road Standard; American Design Codes like IBC, ACI, ASCE, AISC; Japanese Design Codes like, AIJ, JSCE, High Pressure Gas Design Standard etc.; EuroCodes and Indian Codes. Also, we have some knowhow of using TEKLA and SKETCHUP, which is quite important mainly for Industrial Structures Design.